Dr. P.S.Vijayakumar

Associate Professor (Scientist-E)

We work in the following areas: Food microbiology/fortification: Fabrication of nano-paper/device for food processing/preservation/ protection. Food/agri sensing: Designing sensors with nanoparticles for optical/electrical language decoding. Smart nutrient/biocontrol application: Nano-engineering of intelligent material to feed plants in targeted fashion.

Contact Information :

  • Food/agri sensing

  • Smart plant nutrient/biocontrol application

  • Food microbiology/fortification

  • Eco-Friendly Urea Nanosack: Jute Grafted Silica Nanoring Woven Fertilizer to Control Urea Release and Enhance Crop Productivity

    A sustainable fertilizer coating using jute grafted silica for urea release control has been developed using egg white as the binder, which forms an irreversible hydrophobic β-sheet on gentle heating and substitutes earlier petrochemical coatings. Hence, for the first time here, jute grafted silica nanoring has been used, where the nanojute acts as a strong buckle for the egg white β-sheet fastener and serve as the sack for holding urea.

  • Nanocatalytic Interface to Decode the Phytovolatile Language for Latent Crop Diagnosis in Future Farms

    Plant encounters myriad of stresses during their life cycle that cause release of volatiles. Early detection of these volatiles is of utmost importance to prevent crop loss. Here, an attempt of SnO2-based chemoresistive sensor has been made which will be able to sense selectively the volatiles with multiple oxidation sites i.e. ionone (4 oxidation sites), a signature molecule released by plants under biotic stress, at minimum concentration.

  • Phone Camera Nano-biosensor Using Highly Sensitive Transparent Reusable Upconversion Paper

    Upconversion nanoparticles with the excitation in the NIR range and the emission in the visible range, which have overlap with the absorbance of the lycopene have been used for the lycopene detection. Thus caused colour change in the upconversion paper is proportional to the lycopene concentration, which is precisely quantified with the phone camera.

  • Nano-maze Lure: Pheromone Sandwich in Graphene Oxide Interlayers for Sustainable Targeted Pest Control

    Pests are the major challenge in crop protection, in this pesticide usage often leads to irreparable environmental damage. Pheromone is an ecofriendly approach for insect control, but it is expensive and have very short life.Here, we have developed a "pheromone-graphene oxide" composite that can extend the life of pheromone in proportion to the extension in the diffusion path. Thus, the composite shows significantly more insect trapped than the commercially available septa platform.

  • Upconversion Nanodevice-Assisted Healthy Molecular Photocorrection of Mushroom

    Upconversion nanoparticles with the property to convert deep-penetrating near-infrared radiation to UV radiation have been cast into a disk to use sunlight and emit UV radiation for vitamin D conversion.

  • Ecofriendly Fruit Switches: Graphene Oxide-Based Wrapper for Programmed Fruit Preservative Delivery to Extend Shelf Life

    The synthesized graphene oxide wrapper shows efficient preservative release with the stimuli of the overripe fruit juice and improves the fruit shelf life.

  • Nano-hives for Plant Stimuli Controlled Targeted Iron Fertilizer Application

    Carbon nanomaterial and mesoporous silica were used for the smart preservative and targeted agro chemicals application. The fertilizer coating acts as a gate, which close the pores in the presence of carbonate ions to keep the iron in phyto-available forms, whereas open the pores in the presence of the uptake proton signal from the roots.

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  • Department of Bio-Technology - Post Doc Fellow: National Chemical Laboratory, Pune (January 2007 to December 2009 )

  • National Science council Post Doc Fellow: National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan (January 2010 to January 2014 )

  • Reviewer in Americal Chemical Society, Royal Society of Chemistry, Elsevier (Outstanding reviewer award 2018), Nature publication and Springer journals.

    Finalist in Swiss Young Researcher Idea Competition 

    National Science Council, Taiwan -Post Doctoral Award 

    Department of Biotechnology, GoI - Post Doctoral Award 

    University SRF awarded for PhD (Based on Masters score)

    Agricultural Scientist Recruitment Board (ICAR) National Eligibility Test 

    Environmental Protection Movement (Life member)

    The Horticultural Society of India (Life member)

    Indian Society of Agricultural Engineers (Life member)

    American Chemical Society (Annual member)

  • Title: Design of controlled and targeted agricultural pesticide delivery nano-carrier with copper- graphene oxide composite (Completed)

    PI: Dr. P.S.Vijayakumar

    CO-PI: Dr. Vivek Bagchi

    Tenure: 3 years

    Funding Agency: DST nano mission

  • Title: Fabrication of low cost real time sensor for early crop pest monitoring and management.(Ongoing)

    PI: Dr. P.S.Vijayakumar

    Tenure: 3 years

    Funding Agency: SERB

  • Title: Development of novel theranostic nanoplatforms for image guided combination therapy for liver cancers (As Co-PI) (Completed)

    PI: Dr. P.S.Vijayakumar

    Tenure: 3 years

    Funding Agency: DST Nanomission

  • Title: Bio-degradable nanofiber encapsulated biofertilizer to enhance phosphorous and other micro nutrient uptake in rice (Ongoing)

    PI: Dr. P.S.Vijayakumar

    Tenure: 3 years

    Funding Agency: DBT

  • Title: Smart packing system with the nanocomposite to improve the shelf life of perishable vegetable (Completed)

    PI: Dr. P.S.Vijayakumar

    Tenure: 2 years

    Funding Agency: DRDO