Faculty Directory

Dr. Bhanu Prakash

Assistant Professor (Scientist-D)

  • We work at the interface of Physics and engineering of microfluidic devices.
  • Synthesis and applications of nanostructures using microreactor technology.
  • Microfluidic devices for sensing and other biomedical applications.
  • Fabrication of micro/nano devices for a variety of plasmonic and SERS based applications..... 


Research Interest

  • The research work in Bhanu's laboratory is aimed at the interface of Physics and engineering of microfluidic devices. The research is focused on experimental microfluidics and micro-nano fabrication for device applications. Synthesis of novel nanostructures using microfluidic route for photocatalytic and photovoltaic applications is ongoing work. We are also developing new microfluidic platform for continuous and droplet microfluidics via time effective and low cost route avoiding the use of expensive lithographic setups. To combine surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) and plasmonics with microfluidics for different device based applications is also being explored. The work is focused towards designing new devices for energy conversion/harvesting and development of sensors for food safety, environmental safety and in particular homeland security applications. My research involves thin film deposition, lithography, bonding, dry (plasma) as well as wet etching, laser/focused ion beam assisted etching, deep reactive ion etching and working in a clean room environment. Apart from this, in collaboration, we are also working on synthesis of soft nanostructures and development of devices for biomedical use within INST and externally with NDRI Karnal and IIT Delhi

Research Highlights

  • Research at Bhanu's laboratory at INST is focused on the following:

    • We work at the interface of Physics and engineering of microfluidic devices.
    • Synthesis and applications of nanostructures using microreactor technology.
    • Microfluidic devices for sensing and other biomedical applications.

    Fabrication of micro/nano devices for a variety of plasmonic and SERS based applications.

PhD Students

  • Vibhav Katoch

    Email: vibhavkatoch@yahoo.com

    Reg. No.: RP-2019-5

    Working Since May, 2019

    Email: romy.ph20245@inst.ac.in

    Reg. No.: PH20245

    Working Since Aug, 2020

    Email: prakhar.ph21249@inst.ac.in

    Reg. No.: PH21249

    Working Since Jan, 2022

    Email: alisha.ph21228@inst.ac.in

    Reg. No.: PH21228

    Working Since Aug, 2021

    Email: neha.ph21221@inst.ac.in

    Reg. No.: PH21221

    Working Since Aug, 2021


  • Naveen Kumar Arjunan Shanmugam

    Email: naveenkce05@gmail.com

    Reg. No.: IN-2020-06

    Working Since Feb, 2020
  • Harpreet Khanna

    Email: khannaharpreet04@gmail.com

    Reg. No.: IN-2021-06

    Working Since May, 2021

Project - JRF/SRF

  • Mayank Baghoria

    Email: mayank.baghoria@gmail.com

    Reg. No.: IN-2020-05

    Working Since Jun, 2020


  • Neeraj Yadav

    Email: neerajsingh1994@outlook.com

    Reg. No.: RP-XYZ

Project - JRF/SRF

  • Astha Singh

    Email: asthasingh.mkp@gmail.com

    Reg. No.: RP-2016-5

  1. Miniatured Fluidics-Mediated Modular Self-Assembly of Anticancer Drug–Amino Acid Composite Microbowls for Combined Chemo-Photodynamic Therapy in Glioma: Sonika Chibh , Vibhav Katoch, Manish Singh,Bhanu Prakash , Jiban Jyoti Panda, (2021) Biomaterials Science & Engineering, 7: 5654. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1021/acsbiomaterials.1c01023

  2. Microflow synthesis and enhanced photocatalytic dye degradation performance of antibacterial Bi2O3 nanoparticles: Vibhav Katoch,Nipun Sharma,Manju Sharma,Mayank Baghoria,Jiban Jyoti Panda,Manish Singh,Bhanu Prakash, (2020) Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 28 (15): 19155. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/s11356-020-11711-1

  3. Flow synthesis and in-channel photocatalysis of antimicrobially active ZnS quantum dots using an efficient planar PMMA microreactor: Bhanu Prakash, Astha Singh, Vibhav Katoch, Manju Sharma, Jiban Jyoti Panda, Jadab Sharma and Ashok K Ganguli, (2020) Nano Express, 1: 030030. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1088/2632-959X/abcadf

  4. Continuous Flow Fabrication of Fmoc-Cysteine Based Nanobowl Infused Core-Shell Like Microstructures for pH Switchable on Demand Anti-Cancer Drug Delivery: Sonika Chibh, Vibhav Katoch, Avneet Kour, Farheen Khanam, Amit Yadav, Manish Singh, Gopal C Kundu, Bhanu Prakash, Jiban Jyoti Panda, (2020) Biomaterials Science, 9 (3): 942.

  5. Formation of diamond nanostructures from graphite using 10 W fibre laser: Assim Verma, Bhanu Prakash, Deepika Sharma, (2020) Bulletin of Materials Science, 43: 279.

  6. Continuous Flow Reactor for the Controlled Synthesis and Inline Photocatalysis of Antibacterial Ag2S Nanoparticles: Bhanu Prakash, Vibhav Katoch, Asmita Shah, Manju Sharma, M Manolata Devi, Jiban J Panda, Jadab Sharma, Ashok Kumar Ganguli, (2020) Photochemistry and Photobiology, 96 (6): 1273.

  7. One-Step Fabrication of Enzyme-Immobilized Reusable Polymerized Microcapsules from Microfluidic Droplets: Rohit Varshney, Subhra Sharma,Bhanu Prakash,Joydev K Laha,Debabrata Patra*, (2019) ACS Omega, 4: 13790. DOI: 10.1021/acsomega.9b01321

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  9. Gold Nano-/Micro-Roses on Levodopa Microtubes for SERS-Based Sensing of Gliomas: Taru Dube, Nitin Kumar, Avneet Kour, Jibanananda Mishra, Manish Singh,Bhanu Prakash,Jiban J Panda, (2019) ACS Appl. Nano Mater, 2,5: 2663. DOI: 10.1021/acsanm.9b00155

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  12. Growth of highly crystalline and large scale monolayer MoS2 by CVD: The role of substrate position: Nand Kumar, Ruchi Tomar, Neha Wadehra, M Manolata Devi,Bhanu Prakash,S. Chakraverty, (2018) Crystal Research and Technology, 1800002: 53. DOI: 10.1002/crat.201800002

  13. Electronic structure modification of the KTaO3 single-crystal surface by Ar+ bombardment: N. Wadehra,R. Tomar,S. Halder,M. Sharma,I. Singh,N. Jena,B. Prakash,A. D. Sarkar,C. Bera,A. Venkatesan,S. Chakraverty, (2017) Physical Review B, 96: 115423(6). DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.96.115423

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  17.  Biocompatible ferrite nanoparticles for hyperthermia: effect of polydispersity, anisotropy energy and inter-particle interaction Mater: N. Wadehra,R. Gupta,B. Prakash,D. Sharma, S. Chakraverty, (2017) Material Research Express, 4: 25037. DOI: 10.1088/2053-1591/aa5d93

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  21. Surface-enhanced Raman scattering from semi-continuous silver film templates etched by focused ion beams: Bhanu Prakash,S Dhamodaran, (2010) Journal of Nanophotonics, 4: 049504. DOI: 10.1117/1.3502030

  1. The Basic concept for microfluidics-based devices: Vibhav Katoch, Bhanu Prakash, (2021) Taylor & Francis, 1st Edition: .

  2. Microfluidic Paper-Based Analytical Devices for Glucose Detection: Shristi Handa,Vibhav Katoch, Bhanu Prakash, (2021) Taylor & Francis, 1st Edition: .

  1. Emerging Trends and Future Challenges in Chemical Sciences (ETFC-2020), 10-11th Jan 2020 as invited speaker at Conference Centre, University of Delhi.: Bhanu Prakash, (2020) .

  2. International Conference of Layers, Films and Membranes for Green, Environmental and Biomedical Sciences 2018 (LFM2018), 14-16th May 2018: attended as invited speaker in Taipei, Taiwan, (2018) .

  3. Chemical Frontiers, 17-20th August 2017,: attended as invited speaker in Goa India, (2017) .

  4. Seventh ISSS International Conference on Smart Materials Structures & Systems ( ISSS 2014 ): held on 08th - 11th July, 2014 in IISc Bangalore India, (2014) .

  5. Advanced Materials: Current Trends and Future Prospects: held on 28th - 31st May, 2014 in Manali India, (2014) .

  6. International Conference on Nano Science and Technology- ICONSAT 2014: held on 3rd -5th March, 2014 in Punjab University, India, (2014) .

  7. Workshop on Engineering at Nanoscale: From Materials to Bio-sensors: India, (2012) .

  8. XVI International Workshop on the Physics of Semiconductor Devices: India, (2011) .

  9. INDO-US Meeting on New Functional Materials: india, (2011) .


  • Low temperature growth of carbonaceous hetero-structures for magnetic and thermal applications 3 Years, DST Nano Mission
    Funding Amount: 292 Lakhs
    PI: Dr. Bhanu Prakash
  • Low cost diagnostic system for public health surveillance targeting bacterial enteric pathogens 3 Years, DST Nano Mission
    Funding Amount: 279 Lakhs
    PI: Dr. Bhanu Prakash
  • Magneto-opto-electronic properties and applications of 2D electron gas systems 3 Years, Nano Mission
    Funding Amount: 760 lakhs
    PI: Dr. Bhanu Prakash

  • Ph.D

    Panjab University

  • Master of Science (Physics)

    Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India.

  • Bachelor of Science (Physics Honors)

    Hans Raj College, University of Delhi, India.

  • Scientist C:Institute of Nano Science and Technology, Mohali (Punjab), India (January 2017 to December 2021 )

  • Scientist B:Institute of Nano Science and Technology, Mohali (Punjab), India. (March 2014 to December 2016 )

  • Project Fellow:Department of Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India. (August 2011 to December 2012 )

  • Senior Project Fellow:Department of Chemical Engineering,, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India (January 2013 to February 2014 )

Awards & Honours

  • Recipient of Gandhian Young Technological Innovation Award (Year 2014) at the third national innovation competition organized by ‘Society for Research Initiatives for Sustainable Technologies and Institutions (SRISTI)’ awarded by National Research Professor and President of Global Research Alliance, Dr. R. A. Mashelkar.
  • Received Certificate of Merit for the academic excellence and awarded ‘Sh. Jiwa Ram Shakuntala Kaushal Prize’ and ‘Smt. Lajwanti and Rajrani Memorial Prize’ both in the year 2007 in Hans Raj College (University of Delhi), India.
  • Received Certificate of Merit for the award of ‘Shri J. P. Guha’ scholarship in Hans Raj College (Delhi University), India in the academic year 2007-2008.
  • Placed among Top 1% in National Graduate Physics Examination conducted by ‘Indian Association of Physics Teachers’ (IAPT-2008).

Professional Recognitions

  • Member of American Chemical Society

  • Member of Indian Nanoelectronics User Program (INUP), IIT Bombay and IISc Bangalore, for basic and advance training.