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Dated/Venue Seminar by Topic
10 04 2019 Dr. K. P. Singh

Nanomechanical bending of water by light by photons momentum

02 04 2019 Dr. B. R. Mehta

Understanding 2D-3D junctions for solar cell and thermo-electric device

13 02 2019 Dr. Samrat Mukhopadhyay

Intrinsically Disordered Proteins: Aggregation and Phase Separation into Nanoscopic and Mesoscopic Assemblies

29 01 2019 Dr. G. Sahni

The fun of doing science, and some of its applications: the Macro, the Micro and (God Bless), the Nano...."

25 01 2019 Dr. Jesús Carrete Montaña

Multiscale simulation of thermal transport in semiconductor materials

22 01 2019 Dr. Bonny Dongre

Predictive calculation of point-defect phonon scattering in semiconductors"

22 01 2019 Dr. Peter M. Oppeneer

Ultrafast Laser-Driven Magnetic Processes: A theoretical perspective

22 01 2019 Dr. Rajendra Kurapati

Biomedical Applications and Biodegradability of Graphene Family Materials.

18 12 2018 Dr. Haridas Pal

An Overview on Photoinduced Bimolecular Electron Transfer (ET) in Constrained Reaction Media.

11 12 2018 Dr. Chandan N Patra

Structure of Large Molecules in Solutions: A Multiscale Modelling strategy

28 11 2018 Dr. Nirmalya Ballav

Exploring Solid-Liquid and Solid-Solid Interfaces: How Interesting Interface Is?

19 11 2018 Dr. Tusar Bandyopadhyay

Water at the Hydrated Biointerfaces

30 10 2018 Dr. Pavan Muttil

Formulation and Pre-clinical efficacy of temperature-stable nanoparticulate vaccines

16 10 2018 Dr. Harsh Chaturvedi

Nanosciences from Lab to Market

13 9 2018 Prof. K. S. Narayan

Recent Development in Solution Processed Solar Cells and Field Effect Transistors

12 9 2018

Dr. D. Palit

Exciton Dynamics In Organic Nanoaggregates
23 8 2018 Dr. Souvik Maiti


13 8 2018 Prof. Nikhil Koratkar Lithium-Sulfur Batteries: the Next Frontier in Energy Storage
7 8 2018 Dr. Swadhin K. Mandal Mimicking Transition Metals: Inspired by Organic Spin Materials
16 7 2018 Dr. Madhu S. Mandal Developing Novel Drugs in Oncology: Challenges and Opportunities in the Preclinical Safety Evaluation of new drug candidates
6 7 2018 Dr. K. Jha

Specific Adsorption and Controlled Release: Design Steps to a New Materials Economy.

6 7 2018 Dr. S. K. Srivastava Nano-structured Black Silicon for Efficient Thin Silicon Solar Cells: Potential and Challenges.
5 7 2018 Prof. Narayan Pradhan Hetero-structures in Nanoscale: Synthesis and the Synergistic Materials Properties
4 7 2018 Prof. Narayan Pradhan Doping Semiconductor Nanocrystals: Chalcogenides to Perovskites
22 6 2018 Dr. Saptarshi Mukherjee

Luminescent Metal Nanoclusters: The Next Generation Fluorophores

12 6 2018 Prof. Rajeev Ahuja

Role of Catalysts & Nano Structuring in Hydrogen Storage Materials

7 6 2018 Prof. P. S. Anil Kumar, Introduction to Spintronics: Exploiting the Electronic Spin
16 5 2018 Dr. Akash Chakraborty How to write for and get published in international scientific journals
7 5 2018 Dr. Ravindra Khaiwal Air Pollution and Health Risks: Way Forward
7 5 2018 Dr. Vinayak Sinha

Reactive organic compounds emitted from agricultural waste burning in the north west Indo-Gangetic Plain

20 4 2018 Dr. Subhabrata Maiti

Controlling dynamicity for the development of complex chemical systems

20 4 2018 Dr. Chayan Kanti Nandi Carbon Dots or Organic Nanocrystals?
12-13 4 2018 Dr. K. Kalyanasundaram

Can we design high efficiency solar cells via wet chemical routes? The case of third generation solar cells: Dye-Sensitized, Perovskite, Quantum Dots and Polymer Organic Solar Cells

18 4 2018 Dr. Amitava Das Ordering Molecules and Predictive Responses.
18 4 2018 Dr. Amitava Das Public-Private Partnership and Technology for Sustainability: Case Studies.
7 3 2018 Prof. D. D. Sarma Organic-inorganic hybrid perovskite materials for photocatalytic applications
27 2 2018 Dr. Himanshu Sharma The potential of CRISPR technology
23 2 2018 Prof . Sanjay Kumar Bhadada Osteoporosis and its effect on health
1 12 2017 Dr. Somnath Bhattacharyya

Influence of supporting amorphous carbon film thickness on measured strain variation within a nanoparticle

23 11 2017 Dr. Swarup Panda

Atomic-Scale Magnetism on a Complex Surface

26 10 2017 Dr. Ambarish Ghosh

Novel applications of Helical Nanomaterials

27 10 2017 Dr. Manu Jaiswal

Substrate Regulated Morphology of Graphene Membranes

16 10 2017 Dr Sagar Mitra 2-D Nano MoS2 and its Lithium, Sodium Storage Mechanism Study-A Experimental and Theoretical Approach
14 10 2017 Prof. G. D. Yadav Selectivity engineering in the Synthesis of Chemicals and Materials from Biomass and Carbon Dioxide
13 10 2017 Prof. Somnath C Roy Engineering the TiO2-Graphene nanocomposites towards better light harvesting
13 10 2017 Prof. Hideomi Koinuma Towards innovative nano material explorer/drone prototyped for Japan-India collaborative research and global business
04 10 2017 Dr. Mani Karthik

Design and development of materials for energy storage and conversion

27 9 2017 Dr. Tripta Bhatia Biophysics of the lipid-protein membrane
22 9 2017 Dr. B. L. V. Prasad

Our efforts towards manufacturing metal and metal oxide nanomaterials by continuous flow methods and the story of "self-expandable non-vascular stents

18 9 2017 Prof. Basudev Roy Optical tweezers for determination of rotational motion in the mesoscopic domain
14 9 2017 Prof. Jai P Mittal

Breaking Bonds to Order –A Dream Still Alive?

14 9 2017 Dr. Chiranjib Majumder Tailoring properties of low dimensional systems: A perspective.
13 9 2017 Dr. Amit Sharma The chase for future smart cancer theranostics
05 9 2017 Dr Ruchi Tandon Sharing Drug Discovery experience in the area of Oncology and Respiratory Biology: Current Challenges & Future Opportunities
04 7 2017 Prof Krishna N Ganesh Nanoparticles from Polypeptides and Peptide Nucleic Acids: Structures and shapes
16 6 2017 Prof. Arun Chattopadhyay Assembling Atomic Clusters in 3D for New Physical and Chemical Properties
16 6 2017 Prof. Amitava Patra Luminescent Nanomaterials: New Generation Light Sources
24 - 30 March 2017 Prof. Laxmi Chand Gupta Lecture series: Introduction to NMR in Solids and Mossbauer Effect
10 3 2017 Prof. Seiichiro NakabayashiI

Nano Bubbles at Normal Hydrogen Electrode

03 3 2017 Prof. Kankan Bhattacharya Heroes of India science
15 2 2017 Dr. Bahadur Singh Discovery of topological insulator and Weyl semimetal state in TlBiSe2 and LaAlGe class of materials
14 2 2017 Dr. Vidya Sagar Getting into the Brain: Potential magnetic nanotherapeutics for management of neuroAIDS and drug addiction
14 2 2017 Prof. Sushanta Dattagupta Linear response theory, AC conductivity, susceptibility, Neel relaxation nanomagnet
30 01 2017 Dr. Manjula Kalia Japanese encephalitis virus induced subversion of host cellular pathways
17 01 2017 Prof. Ramaswamy Murugave Rational Design of Framework Zinc Phosphates
17 01 2017 Dr. Sunil Kumar Ultrafast photoresponse of nanostructures
22 12 2016 Prof. Ramesh Jha Life of the Mathematical Genius
13 12 2016 Prof. Amitava Patra Nanomaterials Based Light Harvesting Systems for Potential Applications
15 12 2016 Prof. Bharat Bhushan MEMS/NEMS and BioMEMS/BioNEMS Materials and Devices and Biomimetics
8 12 2016 Prof. Raj N. Singh A novel self-repairable sealing concept for high-temperature solid oxide fuel cells
4 11 2016 Prof. S. Ramasesha Surprising Scientific Basis of Some Popular Technologies
3 11 2016 Dr. Goutam De

Functional Nanocoatings by Wet Chemistry

12 9 2016 Prof. P. Gautam Structure and simulation of a Zundel ion stabilized by 8-hydroxyquinoline-5, 7 disulphonic acid
5 9 2016 Dr. Sudipta Sarkar Pal Optical Fiber : Going beyond Telecommunication
10 8 2016 Prof. Sabyasachi Bhattacharya Dynamics of soft interfaces, real and imagined
29 7 2016 Prof. B S Murthy Nanocrystalline Materials with exciting properties through Top Down approach
29 7 2016 Dr. Rajesh Sharma Nonlinear optical properties and terahertz radiation
21 7 2016 Dr N. Kumar

Nanotechnology's Potential for Rural Development in India

13 7 2016 Prof. Dhirendra Bahadur Assessing therapeutic potential of lipid coated magnetic mesoporous nanoassemblies for chemo-resistant tumors
30 5 2016 Dr. S.Ranganathan Thermodynamics of non-equilibrium phase transformation in nano materials
27 4 2016 Prof. Bhuvanesh Gupta When a Polymer Scientist Meets Biologists
26 4 2016 Prof. Parmanand Sharma Artificially produced cosmic magnet: A step towards sustainable society
13 4 2016 Dr. Harvinder Singh Gill

Pollen grains, gold nanoparticles and microneedles: delivery systems for mucosal vaccination

22 3 2016 Dr. Gurinder Pal Singh

Energy Storage Program: Research on Lithium Ion Batteries

26 2 2016 Dr. Oleg Prymak

Investigation of nanostructural materials by means of X-ray powder diffraction

25 2 2016 Dr. P. Thanikaivelan Engineering of Collagen: Vistas in Nano World
9 2 2016 Dr. J. Paul Attfield

Emergent Orders in Simple Solids

6 1 2016 Nobel Laureate Sir V. Ramakrishnan The Use of Recent Developments in Electron Microscopy to Study RIBOSOME Structure
18-12-2015 Dr. Sankalpa Ghosh Two aspects of dirac fermions: Electron optics and unconventional band structure due to bound states
15 12 15 Prof. Vipul Bansal Biosensing

Prof. Geetha Balakrishnan

Single crystals of superconductors, topological insulators and magnetic materials

10-12-2015 Dr. Peter Paul Murmu

Investigation of rare-earth doping into ZnO for spintronic applications.

19-11-2015 Dr. S. T. Lakshmikumar

Nobel prizes in science (2015) An appreciation

02-11-2015 Prof. Prasad V. Bharatam Computational studies in nano particulate drug delivery
30-10-2015 Prof. Ram Mohan Environmentally Friendly Organic Synthesis Using Bismuth(III) and Iron Compounds
10-10-2015 Prof. Steve Granick Some Surprises and Open Questions in Soft Matter
18-09-2015 Prof. K. Thyagarajan Integrated quantum photonics
08-09-2015 Prof. Brij Mohan Arora Optoelectronics of Solar cells
31-08-2015 Dr. Kiran Mangalampalli

New insight into pressure-induced phase transformations in Si at nanoscale

28-08-2015 Prof. Gopinathan Sankar

Pstructure-property relationships in nano-structured materials

26-08-2015 Dr. Ramendra Sundar Dey Graphene-based functional materials – a smart future
31-07-2015 Dr. Uday Maitra Nanostructured materials from bile salts and their applications
24-07-2015 Dr. Ranjan Datta

Nanoscale Quantitative Magnetic Characterization of Materials by EMCD and HREELS in a Transmission Electron Microscope

23-07-2015 Dr. Abhijit Saha

Organic nano/functional materials

13-07-2015 Dr. Vikram Singh Particle shapes that align in simple shear flow
18-06-2015 Dr. Laure Bourgeois

Probing surfaces and interfaces at the sub-nanoscale in nanostructured materials

05-06-2015 Dr. P Kanhere Design and development of materials for photocatalytic applications and functional coatings
03-06-2015 Dr. Debasis Sen Nano-structured micro-granules by evaporation-induced assembly
14-05-2015 Dr. Sourabh Ghosh Silk-based biomaterials for tissue engineering
07-05-2015 Dr. R P Roy Transpeptidase Sortase of gram-positive bacteria has turned out be a wonderful tool in synthetic protein chemistry
06.05.2015 Dr. K. N. Banerjee Issues, Challenges &  Management of Economy A MES Perspective
01.05.2015 Dr. Sunita Srivastava Bio-inspired programmable assembly of nanomaterials
24.04.2015 Dr. Arindam Indra Catalysis: from Sustainable Energy Conversion to Organic Reactions
22.04.2015 Dr. Snehangshu Patra Electrochemistry of nano-materials: (Bio)electrochemical systems energy and sensors
06.04.2015 Prof. R.C. Budhani Dynamics of Novel Quantum Phases at Nanostructured Interfaces
02.04.2015 Prof. P. Gautam Nanoscale investigation on Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilm formed on porous silicon using atomic force microscopy
27.03.2015 Dr. Baldev Raj Energy Security and Sustainability: Approaches and Priorities for Growing and Aspiring India
26.03.2015 Dr. Hirendra Ghosh Plasmon Induced Enhancement of Charge Separation in Au/Quantum Dot Metal- Semiconductor Nano- Composite Sensitized with Dye Molecule
26.03.2015 Prof. Biman Bagchi Excitation energy transfer in nanoscopic systems : From Conjugated Polymers to Metal Nanoparticles to Proteins
23.03.2015 Dr. Samarjit Bhattacharyya Nobel Prize on Medicine 2014
19.03.2015 Dr. Goutam Sheet Exotic Super Conductivity from Nowhere.
16.03.2015 Dr. V. Ananth Dissipation in Palladium Nano-Mechanical resonators at ultra low temperatures.
13.03.2015 Dr. Dhananjai Pandey Complementary Role of X-ray, Electron and Neutron Diffraction Techniques in the Study Ferroic and Multiferroic Oxides.
13.03.2015 Dr. S. Bhargava Building with Bubbles: Is it the start of New Generation of Catalysis.
11.03.2015 Dr. V. Ramamurthy Photochemistry in a capsule
10.03.2015 Dr. Anuj Dhawan Plasmonic Nanostructures for Chemical and Biological Sensing
24.02.2015 Dr. Sanjay Mandal Supramolecular assemblies with an emphasis on MOFs and their applications
23.02.2015 Dr. Samrat Mukhopadhyay Nanoscale Biophysics of Protein Amyloids.
11.02.2015 Dr. T. Ramasami   
07.02.2015 Prof. Graham Cooks Measuring Molecules: Mass Spectrometers in Science, Medicine, and Business
29.01.2015 Dr. Keizo Murata Superconductivity and Magnetism
20.01.2015 Dr. Y. Shimoi Theoretical aspects on functional conjugated molecules and polymers
08.12.2014 Dr. Pradeep Khatri Phonons, quasi-particle excitations and their coupling in Iron-based Superconductors
02.12.2014 Dr. Manjit Singh Mushroom institute of technology
02.12.2014 Dr. Anamika Mukhopadhaya Spectroscopic investigation of natural phenomena- From atmospheric processes to clathrate formation.
18.11.2014 Dr. Gopal Kundu Nanoparticle-mediated Drug Delivery in Cancer: Osteopontin as important Theragnostic Target
13.11.2014 Dr. ST Lakshmikumar Development of GaN LEDs & The Nobel Prize in Physics 2014
13.11.2014 Dr. Raminder Singh Bioactive materials based hydrogels for bio-fabrication: Evaluation of vascular cells adhesion and proliferation
31.10.2014 Dr. Kamlesh Kumar Synthesis of Amylose-Polymer Complexes and Self-Rolling Approach for Polymer, Metal, Silica & Carbon Microtubes Fabrication
31.10.2014 Dr. Uttam Manna Optical-matter- Creating nanomaterials with light
30.10.2014 Dr. N. R. Jagannathan Nano to Humans: Beauty of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
13.10.2014 Dr. Soumen Mandal Application of CVD grown diamond thin films to quantum device fabrication.

Dr. Asish Pal

Straight Institute of Chemistry: Soft tunable nanomaterials with precision in a bottom-up approach with specific molecular recognition.
08.10.2014 Dr. Basab Dhar Biuret Modified Fe-TAML as Oxidation Catalyst.
19.09.2014 Dr. Arun Kumar Environmental Implications of Nanomaterials

Dr. A. Murugadoss

Design of Novel Metal Nanostructures with controlled atomic distribution: A New model for Advanced Catalysis.
08.09.2014 Dr. Samir K Mondal New generation optical nano-antenna.
08.09.2014 Dr. C R Patra Ramanujan Nanomedicine: Future Treatment for cancer and cardiovascular diseases.
22.08.2014 Dr. Pramod Borse Hunt for efficient and stable hydrogen producing materials –A ladder to renewable energy.
22.08.2014 Dr. Ujjal Gautam Nanoscale Materials and Applications in Renewable Energy Harvesting and Environmental Remediation
21.08.2014 Dr. Rajeev K Tyagi Nanotechnology and mouse-human chimera: more than a tour de force in biomedical translational research.
12.08.2014 Dr. Navneet Kaur Organic and hybrid nano materials for chemosensor applications
12.08.2014 Prof. Parbati Bisaws Intramolecular Relaxation of Dendrimers with Semiflexibility and Excluded Volume

Prof. Ramakant

Electrochemistry at Nanostructured Electrodes

Dr. Prashant Kumar

Bioengineering & Clinical Utility of Biomarkers: A Quest for Noninvasive Detection
07.08.2014 Dr. Harsh Chaturvedi Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes functionalized with Optically active Molecules
22.07.2014 Dr. Subhasree Roy Choudhury Targeting signalling pathways for cancer therapy
10.07.2014 Dr. Praveen Kumar Vemula Next-generation nanomaterials to prevent autoimmune diseases: new paradigm in nanotherapeutics
Nanovaccine Initiative at Iowa State University Prof. A. K. Ganguli (Director, INST) Nanovaccines, Nanocarriers, and Ultra-Sensitive Diagnostic Systems for Human Health Management




23rd-25th Nov 6th MRS Trilateral Symposium INST, Mohali
25th - 27th Nov 2015 Australia-India Strategic Research Fund (AISRF-2015) INST, Mohali
22nd July 2015 Nano Science Day IISER, Mohali
26th May 2015 1st In-House Outreach Workshop INST, Mohali
16th -17th Jan 2015 Advance microscopy and Imaging Technique workshop. INST, Mohali
22nd Dec 2014 One day conclave on NanoBiotechnology IISER, Mohali
15th Dec 2014 Workshop on Electron microscopy and NMR INST, Mohali
14th Nov 2014 Nano for Children-2014: Workshop for Budding Scientists INST, Mohali
28th - 31st May 2014 Indo -US Manali, H.P.
02nd - 05th March 2014 ICONSAT Punjab University, Chandigarh
4th Feb 10th CRSI RSC Meeting -(Read More) INST, PU
5th-7th Feb 18th CRSI National Symposium in Chemistry - (Read More) INST, PU