Thermoelectric & spinorbit coupling

Colossal thermoelectric power-factor of CoSbS at low temperature

Dr. Chandan Bera group performed theoretical calculation and studied low temperature thermoelectric properties of CoSbS with the effect of including spin-orbit coupling (SOC) interaction. The electrical properties calculation with SOC and 0.5μB atomistic magnetic moment on Co atoms shows a metal-like behavior due to a strong effect of spin-orbit coupling and a larger shift of VBM towards CBM leading to closure of the energy band gap. They have shown that a 10^7 times increase in power factor is possible by increasing magnetic field. This work calls for further investigation of electrical properties of CosbS at low temperature.


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Raveena Gupta, Chandan Bera, Spin-orbit coupling effect on the thermopower and power factor of CoSbS, Phys. Rev. B 101, 155206 (2020)

Thermoelectric & spinorbit coupling

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