Energy and Environment Unit

Energy and Environment Unit

Energy and Environment unit is interdisciplinary in nature where apart from individual research in respective
groups, several collaborations are being pursued with other units in INST, external institutes in India and abroad. We
are translating our research results into technology based products along with the industry. We comprise 14 scientists
and 80 research fellows including PhD and postdoctoral fellows actively pursuing the research activities in different
areas of Chemistry with special emphasis on energy, environment and soft nanostructures through several aspects of nano
science and technology.

  • Functional nanostructured materials such as metal oxides, carbide & phosphides, transition metal chalcogenides and carbon nitrides for photocatalytic H2 generation (artificial photosynthesis), photocatalytic CO2 reduction and biomass conversion.
  • Nanocarbon-based hybrid materials for renewable energy, hybrid supercapacitor with battery or biofuel cells, rechargeable metal-air batteries and PEMFC.
  • Understanding basic phenomena in solar cells, decay dynamics, energy and electron transfer in nanoparticles, clusters and QDs using ultrafast femtosecond spectroscopy.
  • Detection of analytes using self-powered supramolecular assemblies, Emulsion based catalytic microcapsules and Nanocoating for UV protection.
  • Fabrication of plasmonic nanostructures based on DNA origami and nano-bio-interactions study using single-molecule fluorescence spectroscopy.
  • Development new photoresponsive soft nanomaterials, supramolecular polymers for applications in sensing, organic electronics, nanotherapeutics and chemical biology. In addition, functional nanoporous organic frameworks like MOFs, COFs, CTFs and HMPs were applied for various catalytic and gas storage applications.
  • To protect the Environment, engineered nanomaterials for Air/Water purification, CO2 conversion to metal and organic carbonates, recycling the electronic wastes into nanomaterials for various energy related applications are the on-going activities.

More details are given in individual faculty webpage.

Research Highlights

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Advertisement for Engagement of Junior Research Fellow/Senior Research Fellow under DST Nano Mission project at INST

Title of the Project : Prototype Large-Scale reactor for simultaneous production of H2 and fine chemicals under natural sunlight.

Start Date: 12 Mar, 2020

End Date: 12 Mar, 2020


Advertisement for the post of Junior Research Fellow (JRF) under SERB-Core Research Grant at INST

Title of the Project : Enzyme-Responsive hydrogel for site-specific drug delivery as potential therapy for Colitis.

Start Date: 21 Mar, 2020


Advertisement for the engagement of Project Junior Research Fellow (JRF) at INST

Title of the Project : Fabrication of low cost real time gas sensor for early crop pest monitoring and management.

Start Date: 20 Mar, 2020


Advertisement for the post of Project Junior Research Fellow (JRF) under the research project funded by SERB at INST

Title of the Project : First Principle Designing of Single Molecule Magnets and Grafting on the Substrates to Quench the Quantum Tunnelling of Magnetizations

Advertisement for the post of Project Associate – I under ‘DBT’ funded Project at INST

Title of the Project : Understanding the Forces Involved in the Packing of Enzymes Inside the Bacterial Microcompartments for the Development of Novel Encapsulated Bio-Systems

Start Date: 01 Jun, 2020


Advertisement for engagement of Junior Research Fellow (JRF) at INST (Online interview: 19th June 2020)

Title of the Project : Realization of a prototype spin valve based on perovskite oxide superlattice Sr2FeMoO6-LaBO3 (B Fe).

Start Date: 19 Jun, 2020