Internal Users

Academic Section Forms

17. Joining Form after availing leaves (PhD, NPDF, RA-1) - INST

19. Leave forms for PhD, PDF, NPDF - INST

21. TA and Honorarium Form for External Experts -INST

23. TA Claim Bill Proforma (Contingecy grant)

Project related Forms

1. Submission of New Project Proposal Form

4. Budget Break-up approved project Form

6a. Advertisement_Walk-in_Newspaper Form

8. Approval for Selection Committee Form

9a. Minutes_Recommendation of committee Form

12. Project Attendance Certificate Form

13. Leave Application Project Fellows Form

14. No Dues Certificate (for project staff)

Internship Student Form

1. Short Term Research / Internship Registration Form

Email ID Form

Internet ID Form

2. Internet ID Form For New Phd Students

No Dues Form for IT


4. Office Order - Engagement of distinguished scientists as Honorary Visiting Professor at INST Mohali

5. Office Order - Reconstitution of INST Safety Committee

6. Office Order: Operation of Auditorium-1 (C.V. Raman Auditorium) and Auditorium-2 of INST, Mohali

Internal Complaints Committee

Internal Complaints Committee w.e.f. 26.04.2021

Internal Complaints Committee w.e.f. 19.05.2020


2. INST-COVID19 Report as of 31.05.2021

3. INST-COVID19 Report as of 09.06.2021

4. INST-COVID19 Report as of 28.06.2021

5. INST-COVID19 Report as of 12.07.2021

6. INST-COVID19 Report As Of 29.07.2021

7. INST-COVID19 Report as of 13.08.2021

8. INST-COVID19 Report As Of 27.08.2021

9. INST-COVID19 Report As Of 23.09.2021

10. INST-COVID19 Report As Of 12.10.2021

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