IT Infrastructure

IT infrastructure

INST Mohali is dedicated to deliver Information Technology Infrastructure facilities to the users of the Institute. The IT and computing facilities have endlessly and significantly been improved over the years. The Institute has the Wi-Fi facility which is accessible throughout the campus. The computer lab is fully equipped with latest configuration computer systems that have access with latest various operating systems.

Computer Server Room:

A Computer Server Room with 1 Gbps backbone network facility has been set up in the campus for providing present and future IT and computing requirements of INST Mohali Campus. Some of the salient features of this facility are mentioned below:

  • 100 Mbps NKN-NIC leased Line internet connectivity

  • 1 Gbps connectivity to all desktops

  • IT consolidation in Computer Center, Storage and Blade Servers

  • Network Security Firewall

  • 20 Mbps secondary leased Line internet connectivity.

  • Email Server for INST official email accounts.

The network is based on the high availability architecture with NKN Juniper Router, Blade Server, Cisco Switches, Cat 6 Network Cable and Network Security Firewall. All the important places have been connected by 100 Mbps Internet connectivity with redundant 20 Mbps links in case of failure. Various Security Measures like Quick Heal Antivirus Software, UTM Configured inside Firewall is installed for protecting the network and Computer Center from unauthorized access from outside.

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