The Chemical Biology Unit (CBU) of INST Mohali is delighted to announce a two day meeting to celebrate the annual day of the unit. This Annual Meeting of the Chemical Biology Unit at INST, Mohali will be held during 16th and 17th September 2022. We would like to invite scientists and scholars from Academic and Industry to be a part of this conference. This conference aims to cover the diverse fields of Chemical Biology related to nano-biotechnology with special emphasis on basic phenomenon at nanoscale biology, structural biology, functional amyloids, origin of life, infectious disease, cancer theranostics, drug formulation and delivery and biomaterials and tissue engineering. The conference will have close to 150 participants including 20 invited speakers across India. An elaborate poster session to encourage students to discuss their research with peers in the field is also planned. This conference will bring together scientists, academicians, and young researchers to share their recent scientific findings, initiate collaborations and have brainstorming discussions in related areas of Chemical Biology. We are looking forward to excellent contributions and presentations. 



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