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Junior Research Fellow/Research Assistant/Research Associate under extramural funded projects



Ms. Vishaldeep Kaur

Reg. No:

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Dr. Tapasi Sen


Ms. Heena Sammi

Reg. No: INST031822

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Dr. Menaka Jha


Mr. Zubair Ahmed

Reg. No: RP121621

Email ID: .

Dr. Vivek Bagchi


Ms. Eupa Ray

Reg. No: RP101612

Email ID: .

Dr. Rahul Kumar Verma


Mr. Subhajit Sarkar

Reg. No: RP281824

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Dr. Ramendra Sunder Dey


Dr. Gowri Jayamurugan

Reg. No: RP221842

Email ID: .

Dr. Jayamurugan Govindasamy


Ms.Anu Kumari

Reg. No: RP361813

Email ID: .

Dr. Kamalkannan Kailasam


Ms. Aniqa Bajwa

Reg. No: RP271813

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Dr. Manish Singh


Mr. Yawar Hussain

Reg. No: RP431822

Email ID:

Dr. Kaushik Ghosh


Mr. Ashish Gaur

Reg. No: RP521821

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Dr. Vivek Bagchi


Mr. Vibhav Katoch

Reg. No: RP151823

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Mr. Bhanu Prakash


Ms. Anjali Bisht

Reg. No: RP051521

Email ID:

Dr. J. J. Panda


Mr. Kalpeshkumar M. Vaghasiya

Reg. No: RP141621

Email ID:

Dr. R. Verma


Mr. Nand Kumar

Reg. No: RP151621

Email ID:

Dr. S. Chakraverty / Mr. Bhanu Prakash


Ms Arshdeep Kaur

Reg. No. RP 461711

Email ID:

Dr Debabrata Patra  

Mr. Ganesh Yadagiri

Reg. No: Update Soon

Email ID: Update Soon

Dr Shyam Lal M